The Northern Lights season in Iceland will start in the first or second week of September and is ongoing until mid April.

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Realtime Aurora Observatory.

Look at unstable in the middle graph for a dansing Auroras like betwen 00.00 and 03.00 in the graph above.

Leirvogur Magnetic Observatory, Iceland.

Record of measurements at Leirvogur for the past 24 hours

The record above is updated every 10 minutes. The top graph (Z) shows the vertical component of the geomagnetic field, the middle graph (H) shows the horizontal component and the bottom graph (D) shows the direction of that component, i.e. the direction of a compass needle at Leirvogur. Z and H are shown in units of nanotesla (nT) while D is shown in degrees, reckoned from north (0°) through east, south and west up to 360° (north, again). If D is 347°, for instance, the magnetic declination (variation) at Leirvogur is 347° E or 13° W (360-347 = 13). The average declination in the Reykjavik area is about 2° higher W, or ~15° W in this example.