Happy new year 2018

Happy new year 2018! 🎆🎇🌠 Aurora and Firework Show is on Ignition!!! SOLAR STORM: A stream of solar wind flowing from a Coronal Hole in the Sun is heading directly to Earth’s magnetic field. This stream have a speed for over 600 km/Sek and will hopefully influence our planet for the next nights with bright…

Aurora Meteor Shower

Great news!!! Your wishes will come true every 30 sek! Meteor shower and Aurora Show Tonight!!!
The Earth is inside of a big stream of fast blowing sunwind from Coronahole on the Suns atmosphere that hopefully will influence our planet next nights with bright Crazy dansing Auroras in a Geminids meteor shower.

Big Ignition.

Big Aurora Ignition is in the offer over Iceland! Big CME from a filament of magnetism from northern hemisphere of the Sun exploded on 25.of nov. and is expected to give Earth a glansing blow in the days ahead with a good help from a Coronal Hole fast blowing stream. The cloudforecast is exellent over…

Forecast 15.10.2017

Activity will decrease a little in the next day but there still will be visible lights.

In wednesday the Earth is going into a stream from a Coronalhole with bigger light shows the next 4-5 evening after.

The cloudforecast is good so far.