Aurora Meteor Shower

Great news!!! Your wishes will come true every 30 sek! Meteor shower and Aurora Show Tonight!!!
The Earth is inside of a big stream of fast blowing sunwind from Coronahole on the Suns atmosphere that hopefully will influence our planet next nights with bright Crazy dansing Auroras in a Geminids meteor shower.

Big Ignition.

Big Aurora Ignition is in the offer over Iceland! Big CME from a filament of magnetism from northern hemisphere of the Sun exploded on 25.of nov. and is expected to give Earth a glansing blow in the days ahead with a good help from a Coronal Hole fast blowing stream. The cloudforecast is exellent over…

Forecast 15.10.2017

Activity will decrease a little in the next day but there still will be visible lights.

In wednesday the Earth is going into a stream from a Coronalhole with bigger light shows the next 4-5 evening after.

The cloudforecast is good so far.